Hello world!

Hey there! This is a blog of a programmer who loves to do worthwhile stuff with the CS degree he has.

A Bit about me

I call myself a programmer because I can write simple programs for day to day usage. I also call myself a polyglot developer because I know the bare basics of different programming languages (Python, node js, golang, and rust). I am a strong believer in open source and free software. To be honest, without open source I would not be doing what I am doing today. So since just taking and not giving back is a really bad habit. I put all of my bad code on the internet for people to use ;-). All my projects can be found on my GitHub.

I use Linux all the time(expect for games). I am a distro hopper, So trying new distros and constantly customizing is something I really enjoy doing. At present, I am using solus OS, and this seems to be the perfect one. But that may change in the near future.

Apart from programming, I read a lot. You can find me on good reads where I periodically update on what I am reading. And I play games in my free time. So when not programming or reading something, you can usually find me on steam playing DoTA 2 or some other game.

Since I believe strongly that Linux is the best, I try to make desktop applications for linux and try to give back as much as possible.

About this blog

This will be more of a Programming journal instead of a well laid out tech blog. So you can expect a lot of tutorials/tips which I found out. I tend to shift languages. So expect a mixture of different languages. I am a beginner and tend to do mistakes a lot, So if you find me doing something wrong or not idiomatic, feel free to bash me in the comments section. I would always enjoy learning something from you!

Also, I plan on maintaining a list of applications which are replacements to famous windows/mac applications, I think this will be useful for people who are shifting to Linux from windows/mac.

So, see you in other posts. Goodbye for now!