Bharat Kalluri

Linux setup


This is an effort to showcase all the applications I use on my Linux workstation and How I use them.

If you want to add new categories or want to recommend new applications, feel free to mail me or create an issue in the Blog repo!

Launcher - Albert or Cerebro

Todo Manager - Gnome todo

Project management application - Trello

Password manager - Bitwarden

PDF Reader/editor - Okular or Master PDF Editor

Calendar - Gnome calendar


Annotate screenshots - Flameshot

Ambient sound - Anoise

RSS Reader - Feedreader or Akregator

Torrent manager - Transmission

Editor - VS Code

Terminal - Tilix

API Documentation Browser

Http Client - Postman

IRC Client - Fractal

Email Client - Thunderbird

Markdown Writer - Marker


Streaming Music App - Spotify

Podcast manager - Gnome Podcasts

Image Editor - GIMP

Video Player - Gnome MPV

Web Browser - Firefox


Linux needs some more native desktop applications and small addons to fill the gap for it to become my ultimate setup.

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