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I finally found the best Todo solution

And no private company owns it

I always wanted a good todo client to keep track of my life. I insisted on searching for apps which help me simplify my workflow. I tried Wunderlist(which was awesome until Microsoft made it into Microsoft Todo), Todoist(All the good feature are only in the paid version) and Anydo(too simplistic and minimal). I wanted something which was minimal, portable and had a Linux desktop client so that creating or checking off things would be easier. After a long search, I found out about todo.txt

Todo.txt is not an application, It is a framework. A framework with minimal and intuitive rules. Let me quickly summarize what todo.txt says.

There is also support for reminders. But that is something I do not personally use. So, if you observe, Almost all the necessary parts of a todo client are condensed down to basic text commands. Now it’s up to the user to design the workflow around the system. Some people tend to have multiple todo.txt files and each of them has a list of projects and contexts. I personally maintain a single todo.txt and keep dumping all my planned work in that file.

My workflow and syncing

Since the file is just a normal text file. It can be synced and edited anywhere. This is where it gets awesome. I have a single todo.txt file which will always be my single source of truth. Every single task I take up will be dumped into it with relevant contexts and projects.

This file will be stored in Dropbox. Dropbox has clients to sync in all popular desktop platforms and mobile operating systems. And on Android, I use Simpletask. It is a fantastic application with a lot of fine-grained functionality. It directly fetches the file from Dropbox and makes sure it is in sync. On the desktop, I usually use a simple text editor, But recently I started using an elementary application called Yishu. It looks great on the desktop and is always a click away, But it sadly does not have filtering support. I raised an issue on the Github repo and the author has responded positively. Hopefully, he will jump in and fix it. I always make sure I also back up whatever is there in dropbox somewhere else. If I am trying a beta application and it happens to delete some of my todo’s if I do not have a copy of the original. Then it’s game over. So, I usually back up every other day.

Once you have it set up,make sure you keep dumping all your thoughts and checking out stuff you accomplished.


Written October 22, 2018.

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