Bharat Kalluri About Notes Projects


A Website to aggregate extensions to albert (A quick launcher for linux similar to spotlight on mac). Holds currnently ten of my extensions!

A website which acts as a reference for materials for Ayurvedic students. Recieves around 150 users per day and growing!

A tailwind css based hugo theme hand made for my blog. (The theme you are looking at!)

A cli tool written in python to manage your digital garden!

An attempt to write a book which explains how to make native GTK linux apps using python

A cross machine shell (bash/zsh) history sync tool written in Go.

A command line tool written in python to clear up your email!

A developer scratchpad designed for GNOME, written in python

A Unsplash based wallpaper changer designed for GNOME, written in python

Download music from Spotify with complete album art and metadata